Posted by: ctleurope | March 24, 2010

Accelerating Debt Collection in the Age of Debt

Every four minutes someone in the UK will be declared insolvent or bankrupt. The same study found that the average household debt (including mortgages) in the UK is approximately £58,040.

Unsurprisingly, debt collection is big business.

Costly traditional collection processes such as mailed communication and telemarketing and even email, text and web are now shown to offer a more unwieldy often wasteful approach to debt recovery than the more direct means offered by new technology.

The greatest opportunity for effective debt collection is being delivered by voice messaging or rather interactive voice messaging (IVM).

Voice messaging is driving new levels of efficiency

Voice messaging allows an organisation to issue a message to any number of debtors within seconds. You set the message, the tone and language according to your specified audience, and prompt the desire behaviour via the intimacy of human voice. The interactive nature of more powerful voice messaging solutions allows recipients to respond in real-time. They can acknowledge any number of requests or to be through to an agent, for instance to make payment or agree to a payment plan.

Voice messaging is particularly advantageous when used to handle the unskilled elements of a call such as ID verification and answer machine detection, before connecting the debtor to an agent. This allows agents to focus on the more skilled aspect of addressing the debt.

Widespread smartphone adoption empowers multichannel communication

Clients today are demanding a quicker debt collection service in larger quantities and this is exactly what these solutions, such as SmartInform, by SmartDesk, offer. With one click, thousands of debtors can be reached by voice, SMS and email.

As a final comment, the increasing penetration of smartphones means that we now expect to be able to browse, engage and transact wherever we are. Voice messaging, SMS and email communications support this lifestyle. For debt collection, it’s an opportunity to communicate with debtors on their terms, in a way that’s hard to ignore. Call centres and other customer-centric organisations that fail to embrace these developments and the associated technologies clearly do so at their peril.



  1. Interesting article. What’s the link for SmartInform?

  2. Thanks
    The link is

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